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RIBUS Products

RIBUS ingredients provide clean label alternatives and functional solutions for conventional, natural and certified organic products by improving costs and increasing efficiency. For more information on our many functional solutions, click on any box of interest, below! 


Nu-RICE® is a patented hypoallergenic extract from rice bran. This natural processing aid helps hydrate ingredients and create a variety of emulsification solutions to create easier and faster processing… read more


“The Synthetics Replacer,” Nu-FLOW® offers producers an option to replace synthetics or other anti-caking agents including SiO2  tri-calcium phosphate (or talc) with a natural or certified organic ingredient… read more


Nu-MAG® offers manufacturers and formulators a clean label ingredient that provides enhanced lubrication (greater than Nu-RICE®) in the production of both organic and natural dietary supplements… read more


Nu-BAKE® is a patented hypoallergenic (gluten-free) extract from rice bran that delivers multiple functionality to improve baking products and provide clean label declaration… read more


Nu-SORP™ is a blend of three ingredients that offers producers of high oil ingredients an alternative to synthetic carriers. This blend of ingredients provides the oil holding capacity necessary for the production… read more


Our Nu-Flac product carries flavor enhancement in dry beverages, teas, salad dressings and other visible particulate products. Its all-natural, hypo-allergenic properties bring functionality, clean-labeling and cost effective… read more


Nu-BIND™ is a blend of five ingredients that provides the binding necessary for the production of natural and organic dietary supplements. Nu-BIND is designed to act as an alternative to synthetic binders previously… read more