“The Problem Solver”… solves even your toughest extrusion and emulsification problems, naturally.

Nu-RICE® is a patented hypoallergenic extract from rice bran. This natural processing aid helps hydrate ingredients and create a variety of emulsification solutions to create easier and faster processing.

You’ll also be able to declare ‘rice extract’ on your label rather than other chemical-sounding words.

Nu-RICE Provides Faster Hydration

  • Improves water distribution
  • Improves uniformity
  • Improves texture

Nu-RICE Binds Water & Oil

  • Create emulsification solutions by emulsifying oil in water
  • Increases expansion of extruded products
  • Increases extrusion output
  • Replaces soy lecithin or mono & diglycerides
  • Drum dry release agent


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