Terms & Conditions



Purchase Orders are to be submitted to your broker or distributor for processing. Once confirmed by RIBUS by way of Sales Order, Purchase Orders cannot be increased. If additional product is needed, a second Purchase Order needs to be submitted.


Payment Options, Terms, Conditions

Payment Options:

    • Payable in US Dollars via bank Automated Clearing House (ACH), or wire transfer.  Wire transfers and ACH transactions are the preferred means of payment; credit cards via PayPal and checks are also accepted. PayPal payments will incur a 5% fee. NSF bank fees of $35.00 USD will be recouped.

Payment Terms:

    • Accounts with approved credit: Net-30 days from date of invoice or Net-15 day orders receive a 10% discount on the price of product. Net-15 day terms are only available to US customers purchasing directly from RIBUS or via broker.
    • Accounts without approved credit/Advanced Payment: Prepayment required. All payments must be received and clear our bank prior to order being fulfilled.

Payment Conditions:

    • Customers who have historically exceeded the Net-30 terms are subject to credit terms rescinded at RIBUS’ discretion. If credit terms are rescinded, the entire account balance (current and past due invoices) must be paid in full before RIBUS will accept new purchase orders. Once paid in full, your terms will be Without approved credit/Advanced Payment.
    • After 180 days on Advanced Payment terms, customer can request RIBUS to consider re-issuing credit terms for customer who was moved to Advanced Pay due to exceeding RIBUS’ 30-day credit terms.


RIBUS does not accept returns of product without prior authorization. Customers seeking a credit or wanting to return product should contact RIBUS’ Customer Service Department via orders@ribus.com.

Possible exceptions that may warrant a return or credit include errors such as:

  • The wrong product was sent,
  • A lot number other than the one specified on a PO was shipped after being confirmed by RIBUS,
  • Volume shipped does not match the volume ordered.

Claims of non-conforming material:

  • RIBUS reserves the right to use its accredited, 3rd party lab to test product from the lot in question using samples of the product in your possession, our retain inventory and / or our warehouse’s inventory.
  • If the lab’s results confirm the product meets RIBUS’ specifications, a credit will not be issued nor exchange accepted.


Samples are available, free of charge, to test in your application(s) and/or be tested to evaluate against your specifications prior to purchase. If you approve the sample lot, you can request the specific lot on your Purchase Order for order fulfillment. RIBUS will accommodate specific lot requests, assuming we have that lot available in inventory to fulfill your order.