Founded in 1992 as a functional ingredient manufacturing company, RIBUS, Inc. supplies natural and organic plant-based ingredients to food, beverage, dietary supplement and pet companies around the world. The foundation of our business is to provide clean label alternatives that can help solve production issues and bring innovation to your products, while removing synthetics.

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Thank you for trusting the experts and learning more about who and what RIBUS stands for. While RIBUS literally stands for “Rice Ingredient Business United States”, we stand for more than that.

We believe in sustainability, and by upcycling the traditional “by products” of rice producion (the bran and hull), we’re able to utilize the entire crop. We believe that consumers deserve to know what is in their food and supplements, and should understand the ingredients on the product label, and where they come from. We believe that the consumer wants to feel good about the choices they make and support companies that share their values.

RIBUS started in 1992 as a clean label ingredient company, using rice bran extract as a way to solve producQon issues in baking, then expanded into extrusion and other food applications. Since then, we have commercialized 6 more funcQonal ingredients for food, nutraceuQcals, pet and personal care industries, with more in our pipeline. While our porfolio isn’t huge, it is intenQonal and the ingredients work.

All of the plant-based ingredients we use are Made in the USA and are minimally processed. We use steam to sterilize our rice hulls, nothing else. Our rice bran extract uses citric acid to adjust pH, and water as a solvent. We keep our products as clean as possible, so you and your customers can understand what our products are (and aren’t!).

As more and more companies claim to be clean label, ask them what ingredients they’re using. If they aren’t willing to share that informaQon, ask them why. Ask them how they produce their ingredients. Ask them where their ingredients come from. We post our specifications and certificates on our website, free for anyone to see, as we have nothing to hide.

RIBUS is the Original Clean Label Ingredient Company(TM) and we earned that Qtle by offering the largest porfolio of clean label ingredients, that have been tested and proven over the last 31 years. Clean label, funcQonal ingredients is who we are and what we do, not a division of a larger company.

Trust the experts and contact us today to see how we can help you solve your problems, cleanly.


We are excited for your interest in our portfolio of clean label ingredients and excipients. Below, please find links to each product page, as well as PDFs for quick access to spec sheets, nutrition data and SDS information. At the bottom you will even find a link to digital brochures and product Getting Started Guides, which will give you useful information on usage rates, applications and more!

Dough Conditioner


Non-Soluble Flavor Carrier

Anti-Caking Agent | Flow Aid


Processing Aid | Filler
Hydration Aid

Oil Absorber

Water Absorber


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