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Savvy Customers Want Cleaner Labels

All Natural & Organic

Using RIBUS' all natural, organic rice ingredients makes it easier than ever to replace synthetics in your formulations -- giving you cleaner labels.  Solving your toughest production problems: 

  • Cleaner label statements
  • Reduce breakage, die plugging and stickiness
  • Cut ingredient costs with improved formulations
  • Expand into the Organic market
  • And more!

Clock Ticks for Silicon Dioxide Use in Organics

White Papers & Success Stories

White Paper: Rice Provides Unique Functionalities Including Health and Nutrition for Food, Supplement & Beverage Manufacturers

Case Study: Clean Labels Open New Markets Case Study: Organic Nu-BAKE


Using patented technology, RIBUS produces specialty rice ingredients which are functional and nutritious in foods, beverages and dietary supplements.

Food & Beverages

Bakery: Breads, Pastries, Cookies
Extrusion:Cereals, Snacks, Pastas
Emulsification: Sauces, Spreads
Flavors: Sauces, Dry Powders
Spices & Seasonings: Rubs, Herbs
Beverages: Teas, Coffees, Dairy




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Our green and sustainable ingredients have been helping manufacturers, co-packers and small businesses for more than twenty years!