Data Summary Sheet – Nu-RICE as Release Agent

Objectives: 1.  Clean Label
2.  Replace synthetic emulsifiers (mono & di’s or soy lecithin)
3.  Natural / Organic Ingredient needed
4.  Reduce Breakage (wafers and cones)
5.  Lower water activity
Ingredient: Nu-RICE®
Use Rates: Drum Drying
Potatoes  0.15-0.25%
Cereals  0.25-0.50%
Ice Cream Cones  0.25-0.50%
Sugar Wafers  0.25%
Waffles   0.35-0.50%®
Mix with slurry or batter system and blend to achieve full hydration.  Process as normal.
Observations: Products should release well with less breakage.

If your results are not satisfactory, please contact RIBUS or your broker to determine what modifications should be made.