It is Organic?

Yes, RIBUS offers Nu-BAKE as conventional or Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth.

Does it affect color?

Rarely: Nu-BAKE is a natural light tan color that blends into most formulations. In pure white products, a whitener may be required (titanium dioxide).

Does Nu-BAKE extend the shelf-life?

Nu-BAKE can extend the shelf-life by holding more moisture, so the product will stay fresh longer. The extension will depend on packaging, preservatives, gas flushing and other factors. Nu-BAKE is not a preservative.

What are the benefits?

Nu-BAKE has many benefits: Improved water retention and holding capabilities of oil: Improved moisture Easier pan and paper release Improved emulsification: More consistent cell structure Improved oven spring Increased volume Increase shelf-life for frozen dough,...