Alternatives to Synthetic Ingredients such as Silicon Dioxide and Soy Lecithin

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Using RIBUS’ all natural, organic rice ingredients makes it easier than ever to replace synthetics in your formulations, which results in cleaner labels.


Using patented technology, RIBUS produces specialty rice ingredients that are functional and nutritious in foods, beverages and dietary supplements.

Simple, Safe, Organic & Natural

Nu-SORP is a blend of three ingredients that offers producers of high oil ingredients an alternative to synthetic carriers. This blend of ingredients provides the oil holding capacity necessary for the production of capsules, tablets, powders. and some food products…. read more

“The baker’s choice” in specialty ingredients for conventional, natural and organic bakery products. Nu-BAKE® is a patented hypoallergenic (gluten-free) extract from rice bran that delivers functionality and a clean label declaration. This ingredient provides…read more

Nu-BIND® is a blend of five ingredients that provides the binding necessary for the production of natural and organic tablets. Nu-BIND is designed to act as an alternative to synthetic binders previously considered vital in making tablets… read more

“The Flavor Carrier.” Nu-FLAC® is a proven plating substrate that carries flavor in dry beverages, teas, salad dressings and other visible particulate products. Its all-natural, hypo-allergenic properties bring functionality, clean-labeling and cost effective benefits to leading food… read more

“The Synthetics Replacer.” Nu-FLOW® offers producers an option to replace synthetics or other anti-caking agents including SiO2 tri-calcium phosphate, or talc with a natural or certified organic ingredient. Using ‘rice concentrate’ on your label statement gives you a clean, consumer… read more

“Stearate replacer for enhanced lubrication…” Nu-MAG™ offers manufacturers and formulators a clean label ingredient that provides enhanced lubrication in the production of both organic and natural dietary supplements… read more

“The Problem Solver.” Solves even your toughest extrusion and emulsification problems, naturally. Nu-RICE® is a patented hypoallergenic extract from rice bran. This natural processing aid helps hydrate and emulsify ingredients to create easier and faster processing… read more

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Clean Label Alliance at SSW18 Keep it Clean Event

Clean Label Alliance at SSW18 Keep it Clean Event

RIBUS UNVEILS CLEAN LABEL ALLIANCE ALONG WITH BIOGRUND, BOSCH, LONZA AND NATOLI AT SUPPLYSIDE WEST KEEP IT CLEAN EVENT St. Louis, Mo. (Nov. 16, 2018) – RIBUS Inc. hosted its annual SupplySide West event in Las Vegas on Friday, Nov. 9, unveiling its latest excipient...

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Forever Blue Network (FFA) | Five Questions Series

Forever Blue Network (FFA) | Five Questions Series

RIBUS President, Steve Peirce is a proud Forever Blue Network member (National FFA Organization) and was recently featured in their May Five Questions series. The FFA Forever Blue Network is about reconnecting with those who made a difference in your life, reaching...

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New Hire | Supply Chain Manager

New Hire | Supply Chain Manager

We are excited to announce the hiring of Kim Thompson to the RIBUS team. Kim joins us from the Atlanta, Georgia area, and will take on the role of Supply Chain Manager. She will oversee Supply Chain and Finance duties as it relates to transportation, production, labs,...

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