Frequently Asked Questions


Are any of RIBUS’ products TGA approved for use in Australia?

Yes! All of our products are TGA approved: Nu-RICE/Nu-BAKE, Nu-FLOW/Nu-FLAC: 94979 Nu-MAG (PI): 117795 Nu-BIND (PI): 140028 Nu-SORP Oil (PI): 140146 Nu-SORP Water (PI): 140152

Are your products approved in countries outside of the USA?
RIBUS works with local distributors to export our ingredients to over 40 countries. Please check with RIBUS for specific country inquiries as regulations are always changing.
Are RIBUS products considered “flavors”?
No. RIBUS sells functional ingredients and do not follow flavor regulations.
What is the country of origin (COO) of inputs for your products?
RIBUS’ ingredients are Made in the USA. All of the rice is grown in the USA and all production is done in the USA. However, some of our products may contain inputs that are not native or grown in the USA. Please request details if needed.
What is the composition percentage breakdown of…?
See the Specifications and Nutrition Analysis for each product, all posted on the individual product pag
Are your products ready-to-eat (RTE)?
Technically, yes, since they are microbially-safe. However, all products are classified as Ready-To-Use ingredients and are intended to be used to produce finished goods.
Are your products Halal-certified?
Nu-FLOW is the only product that is currently Halal certified, the rest are Halal-compliant as there are no animal by-products or alcohol used in production of any RIBUS products. All ingredients are Kosher Pareve. If Halal is a requirement based on a need, it can be arranged – please work with your broker or distributor for details.