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Frequently Asked Questions


What percentage of Nu-FLOW do you use instead of a traditional anti-caking agent in a seasoning?

Typically, we say to use a 1:1 replacement for Silicon Dioxide. If the product is very oily, you may need to use more Nu-FLOW. Typically, customers use 0.5-1%. As you look at the formulation, caking will be caused by either oily ingredients or hydroscopic (moisture absorbing) ingredients. Once you identify the problem ingredient(s), blend the most problematic ingredient with Nu-FLOW first, to get the desired flow properties. Then add the other ingredients. You may want or need to add a touch of Nu-FLOW for insurance. As the moisture or oil equilibrates into the Nu-FLOW, the flow properties will improve.

If Nu-FLOW is not solving your problem, consider Nu-SORP

How much oil can Nu-FLOW absorb while still remaining a powder?

Nu-FLOW can hold between 20-30% oil and stay in powder form, depending on how it is added. We have developed another product line, Nu-SORP that can hold closer to 80% oil or water.

How does Nu-FLOW work as a maltodextrin alternative?

In a spray drying application, add the powder to a liquid slurry and co-spray dry the product to add solids to the system like you would with maltodextrin, to increase the solids. Nu-FLOW is not water soluble like maltodextrin. If using a ribbon blender, add your flavor or color to the Nu-FLOW in the ribbon blender and continue as you would with maltodextrin.

Can I use silicon dioxide in organic products?

On May 28, 2013 the USDA (USA organic regulators) announced a final rule restricting the future use of silicon dioxide (a synthetic) in organic products so long as “organic rice hulls” are commercially available. RIBUS is happy to work with you and/or your organic certifier on the use of Nu-FLOW to replace silicon dioxide.

Can it be used in a spray dryer?

Yes, it can be used in various ways or combinations: it can be added to the liquid and sent through the dryer (just like silicon dioxide), or it can be blended with the dried material as it comes off of the dryer.

What is the particle size?

The mean particle size is 40 micron (non-Nano).

How much silica does it contain?

18-20% silica and about 70% fiber.

Does it have an odor/taste?

Limited to no odor and a neutral taste.

What color is it?

Light tan. Most spices and powders have some color.

What is it used for?

Anti-caking agent or flow aid in virtually all systems, foods, and dietary supplements.

What is Nu-FLOW?

It is rice fiber from the rice seed that has naturally occurring silica present, which gives it the functionality similar to silicon dioxide.