How does Nu-FLOW work as a maltodextrin alternative?

In a spray drying application, add the powder to a liquid slurry and co-spray dry the product to add solids to the system like you would with maltodextrin, to increase the solids. Nu-FLOW is not water soluble like maltodextrin. If using a ribbon blender, add your...

Can I use silicon dioxide in organic products?

On May 28, 2013 the USDA (USA organic regulators) announced a final rule restricting the future use of silicon dioxide (a synthetic) in organic products so long as “organic rice hulls” are commercially available. RIBUS is happy to work with you and/or your organic...

Can it be used in a spray dryer?

Yes, it can be used in various ways or combinations: it can be added to the liquid and sent through the dryer (just like silicon dioxide), or it can be blended with the dried material as it comes off of the dryer.

What is Nu-FLOW?

It is rice fiber from the rice seed that has naturally occurring silica present, which gives it the functionality similar to silicon dioxide.