Founded in 1992 as a functional ingredient manufacturing company, RIBUS, Inc. supplies natural and organic rice ingredients to food, nutrition and beverage companies around the world.

Utilizing its patented technology, RIBUS is committed to being the best supplier of high quality specialty rice ingredients helping their customers provide clean labels for the end-consumer. The company has eight distribution points strategically located around the world in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, South Korea and the U.S. (Iowa and Missouri).

Helping to sustain the earth by using the entire grain.

The Bran:  Through patented processes, RIBUS adds natural protease enzymes to rice bran to stabilize the lipase enzymes, creating a natural, gluten-free, hypo-allergenic food ingredient that binds oil and water.

The Hull:  Rice hulls are a natural source of silica, one of the most effective anti-caking agents in use today.  Through our patent-pending processes, RIBUS grinds the hulls so the silica particle size is optimized for use in food formulation as a flow aid or flavor carrier.