RIBUS, Inc., the global producer of rice-based alternatives to synthetic excipients, (Nu-FLOW® and Nu-RICE®), is pleased to announce the formal launch of their new “RIBUS Certified Contract Manufacturer Program” and their attendance at the Supply Side West Global Conference and Expo, October 8-9, 2014 in Las Vegas, booth #15045.

“Providing the industry with functional / clean label ingredients is not enough,” according to Steve Peirce, President of RIBUS.

RIBUS has implemented a program to assist in the training and certification of contract manufacturers that have demonstrated the ability to produce tablets and capsules using Nu-FLOW and Nu-RICE. These natural or organic ingredients are replacing silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate, respectively, in commercial production.

RIBUS is pleased to announce the first “RIBUS Certified Contract Manufacturer,” Gemini Pharmaceuticals, Inc. of Commack, NY.

“By achieving their certification, Gemini has demonstrated their ability to stay ahead of the leading edge of ingredient trends, while positioning themselves as experienced and able partners who can offer clients a demonstrated knowledge and expertise in commercially producing tablets and capsules using Nu- FLOW and Nu-RICE,” according to Peirce.

While organic clients are looking to comply with organic regulatory changes, by removing silicon dioxide before the looming November 2014 deadline, many natural producers are also changing to Nu-FLOW to satisfy a growing consumer demand for clean labels and additive-free supplements. Additionally, virtually all formulators are also evaluating the performance of Nu-RICE as a replacement for Mg Stearate, during the reformulation process.

Michael Finamore, CEO of Gemini Pharmaceuticals, Inc. states, “Our familiarity with the RIBUS family of ingredients offers Gemini the opportunity to design and to manufacture nutritional products for our accounts by eliminating traditional inactive ingredients without sacrificing the quality or efficacy of the formulations.”

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