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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Service

How can I place an order?

For US customers, please submit orders to your broker or distributor. If you are do not know who your broker or distributor is, please contact info@ribus.com and we will connect you with the correct representative based on your location.

What’s the MOQ?

Please contact your local broker or distributor for the current price list(s) and MOQs. Products are packaged in 50 lb. bags (Nu-RICE, Nu-BAKE), 35 lb. boxes (Nu-FLOW, Nu-FLAC) and 25 kg boxes (Nu-MAG, Nu-BIND, Nu-SORP).

Does RIBUS hold stock on the floor or are products made to order?

Yes, we hold stock but as we are now in quarterly production, forecasts are required as we are producing based on the needs of the forecasts provided. Stock will be reserved for new customers.

What are normal lead times for orders? What inventory levels do you hold?
RIBUS produces based on customer forecasts and holds inventory for new customers. Without a forecast, RIBUS may not have inventory in-stock to fill your order. Please communicate your forecast to your broker or distributor, or submit it online at www.ribus.com/forecast.
I’m looking for documents, where can I find them?