Frequently Asked Questions


You have a unique product, do you have any direct competitors?
RIBUS’ technology is patented and proprietary. Other ingredients exist and some have different functionalities, but we are not aware of direct competitors with the same clean label and functionality. RIBUS is the Original Clean Label Ingredient Company™.
Do you have studies conducted with your products?
Studies were completed as a proof of concept when the ingredient(s) were introduced. We believe that commercial applications are evidence of product validity and performance. Any case studies are available online on the individual product pages.
Are your products Non-GMO certified?
All products are Non-GMO Project Verified. Please refer to our website for our current certificate.
What is the most important value proposition for RIBUS’ products in relation to organic certification?

For customers who are making certified organic products, they must use organic inputs. Our ingredients and excipients allow you the functionality you need with the label declaration you want, and you can have a finished product that is 100% organic. Globally, organics stand for Non-GMO, no irradiation, no human sewer sludge for fertilizer, fewer pesticides, etc. Please refer to our website for current certificates.

What is the RIBUS Certified Contract Manufacturer Program? What are the benefits to customers?

The RIBUS Certified Contract Manufacturer (CCM) Program is designed for contract manufactures who are familiar with RIBUS’ products. Once you commercialize 6 or more SKUs using any combination of our products, we are confident that you know how to use our excipients, so we issue a certificate, press releases and social media posts promoting the company as a RIBUS Certified Contract Manufacturer. Please see for more details.

The benefit is when a customer is seeking a Contract Manufacturer that uses our products, we can refer that customer to a Contract Manufacturer who is already comfortable using our excipients.

What does RIBUS stand for?
RIBUS is an acronym for Rice Ingredient Business United States
Do you require a trademark agreement?
We don’t require a formal agreement but do request that you label our ingredients according to their legal trademarks, and we are happy to provide you with a statement with those details. Please request it online.
How do I declare your ingredients/excipients on my label?
While we make label suggestions on our product specifications, it is ultimately up to your regulatory, marketing and legal teams as to how you label our ingredients in your finished product.