Frequently Asked Questions


I need help with my formulation, can you help?
Yes! RIBUS is a member of the Clean Label Alliance and we offer free technical support for producers of clean label supplements. Complete the form online and we will provide you with our recommendations within 2 business days, free of charge!
Will Nu-MAG affect the taste or color of my product?
Nu-MAG is a tan color and does have a unique smell. However, we have customers who have produced white tablets using proper blending techniques. The flavor is relatively bland; however, this could be an issue in some chewables, based on the flavors added. Dosages are low, so Nu-MAG should not have an effect on the look or smell of your product. Please use the Getting Started Guide to ensure proper blending to optimize functionality.
Is Nu-MAG water soluble?
Nu-MAG will help a tablet or capsule disintegrate faster than Mg Stearate. Most applications would not focus on water solubility, but it is used in effervescent tablets.
What is the difference between Nu-MAG and Mag Stearate?
Nu-MAG is a clean label alternative for customers that do not want “magnesium stearate” on their labels but need a lubricant. Secondly, Nu-MAG will help a tablet or capsule disintegrate faster than magnesium stearate. Thirdly, there are theories that indicate that mag stearate can coat the active ingredient, thereby minimizing the bioavailability allowing it to pass through the body without the absorption and nutritional gain. During RIBUS qualification studies, we found a tablet with Nu-MAG to be 17% harder than the control tablet made with magnesium stearate. If a manufacturer needs a lubricant for their tablets but is getting a soft tablet due to mag stearate, Nu-MAG can be of assistance. RIBUS also offers clean label binders.
Is it a flowable powder?
Yes, it will blend with other powders.
What color is Nu-MAG?
Light to medium tan.
What is Nu-MAG made from?
A blend of rice bran extract (Nu-RICE), rice fiber (Nu-FLOW), Gum Arabic and Sunflower Oil, applied in a proprietary method.
What is Nu-MAG?
Nu-MAG is a blend of ingredients that provide lubrication similar to magnesium stearate for use in dietary supplements.