Frequently Asked Questions


Who do I contact about formulation recommendations?
Contact or complete the Formulation Modification form for specific recipe questions.
Do you have a broker or agent in my area?
Quite possibly, contact for the name of a broker or distributor in your area.
Can it replace soy lecithin?
Yes, in most systems. It is also hypoallergenic and does not require an allergen label statement.
When is Nu-BAKE added to the formula?
Blend Nu-BAKE with the other dry ingredients.
It is Organic?
Yes, RIBUS offers Nu-BAKE as conventional or Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth.
Is it natural?
Yes. It is an all-natural rice bran extract.
Can I increase the water content?
Yes, in most bakery systems and still obtain a uniform bake.
Can I increase the oil content?
Yes, in most systems (batters, crackers, etc.)
Does it affect the taste of the finished product?
No. Nu-BAKE is used at 0.25-2%, it does not impart a taste.
Does it affect color?
Rarely: Nu-BAKE is a natural light tan color that blends into most formulations. In pure white products, a whitener may be required (titanium dioxide).
Does Nu-BAKE extend the shelf-life?
Nu-BAKE can extend the shelf-life by holding more moisture, so the product will stay fresh longer. The extension will depend on packaging, preservatives, gas flushing and other factors. Nu-BAKE is not a preservative.
How much will it increase volume?
Typically a 10% increase in volume.
Is it a fiber?
No. It is the water-soluble extract from rice bran.
What are the benefits?

Nu-BAKE has many benefits:

    1. Improved water retention and holding capabilities of oil:
      1. Improved moisture
      2. Easier pan and paper release
    2. Improved emulsification:
      1. More consistent cell structure
      2. Improved oven spring
      3. Increased volume
      4. Increase shelf-life for frozen dough, batter and thaw and serve
    3. Ability to interact with proteins/starches/carbohydrates:
      1. More consistent cell structures
      2. Increase product strength and texture while maintaining tenderness
    4. Increase yield and decrease per unit cost
How does Nu-BAKE work?
Nu-BAKE binds oil in water, it is a dough conditioner and it can lower water activity.
How much Nu-BAKE should I use?
Please see our Getting Started Guide for our suggested use levels and other important information.
What is the HLB of Nu-BAKE/Nu-RICE?