Frequently Asked Questions


Can you confirm the status of your facilities with regards to quality compliance?
RIBUS uses contract manufacturers for production of all products; all RIBUS contract manufacturers are certified to GFSI-recognized schemes. Please check our Certificates & Statements page for details or request specifics here.
Do you use tamper-evident packaging?
Nu-RICE and Nu-BAKE are packaged in heat sealed bags. All other ingredients are taped in a box, with zip tie closures on the plastic liners.
Do you use heat-treated pallets?
Yes, RIBUS uses heat-treated pallets.
Do any RIBUS products include rice germ?
RIBUS does not purchase or use rice germ in any products. However, when rice bran is removed from brown rice, often a portion of the germ goes with the rice bran, so trace amounts are possible.
What size pallets are your products shipped on?
All RIBUS products are shipped on GMA food grade pallets 48 inches x 40 inches. If alternative pallets (i.e. plastic) are required, arrangements can be made at a cost on a case by case basis. Please put your requirement on your purchase order and RIBUS will confirm.
Where are your rice hulls and bran sourced from?
The rice hulls and bran are sourced from Oryza sativa rice grown in California (USA).
What is the composition percentage breakdown of RIBUS’ products?
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What is the water activity (aw ) of RIBUS ingredients?
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What solvents are used to manufacture (e.g., Nu-RICE, Nu-MAG, etc.)?
Nu-RICE uses a water extraction method. Nu-MAG: Contains Nu-RICE and it too would have a water extraction.