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Organic Information

We know that being “Organic” matters to you, your business and today’s consumer!

Clock Ticks for Silicon Dioxide Use in Organic Foods, Beverages, and Supplements

Specialty rice ingredients offer more than a decade of development and application in solving functional challenges for food and dietary supplement makers. We know it’s sometimes harder to source the minor ingredients and that’s why RIBUS®​ offers a complete line of Oregon Tilth and EU Certified* ingredients including:

These specialty organic ingredients can:

  • Replace synthetic emulsifiers and dough conditioners
  • Give you functionality within your minor ingredient formulations
  • Ensure you comply with USDA Organic standards
  • Lower your production costs and increase output
  • Improve your product consistency
  • Give you a cleaner product label using “rice extract” or “rice fiber” or “rice extract blend”

Organic Resources:

RIBUS has partnered with Oregon Tilth, soon to be CCOF Tilth, to ensure the organic integrity of its organic specialty rice ingredients. Each year, RIBUS undergoes the rigorous audit process for each ingredient to maintain its certification in the US and EU.

Click here for our certificate.

​RIBUS has been an active member of the Organic Trade Association since 1985, frequently serving on sub committees, participating in annual meetings and speaking at conferences.
Click here for information on the historic organic trade equivalency agreement between the U.S. and EU signed in February 2012.